May 11, 2004

A special SHARC Board meeting called to order at 7:10 P.M. at the Garberville Fire House to discuss acquiring a non-profit status for funding of future projects and of taking over the care of the Grasshopper repeater.

Jerry Wilson KF6IBP, Steve Rogers KG6PIJ, Lamar Hudson AE6LJ, Nancy Wilson KG6BIL, Bruce Anderson KG6SXN, Jack Foster KM6TE, Cliff Banfill KE6VDE

Lamar expressed the opinion that taking care of Grasshopper should be separately funded. He felt the Far West links us to Eureka. Jerry feels a phone link would be worthwhile. We would need solar panels and would need to find a way of funding them. Jack has a triple charger to put in there. Lamar wishes to be more than a repeater club but we need to expand using other programs. Jack feels we need someone who could live up high to run simplex. What else could we use 733 for.
Jack feels two or three other club members should be trained to assist with 733. Nancy suggested Jack should train more people. He will work with Jerry.

Motion: (Jack Foster) We take over the ownership of the 33 as a stand alone at the present time.
Second: (Jerry Wilson)

Discussion: We can decide what we want to do at a later time and decide if we want to link it. We can look at what we want to do and how much it will cost in the future. We will be looking for donations for specific projects.

Discussion regarding how to get a Solar Panel. Nancy will f/u with David Katz and Jack will F/U with the Internet.

Jerry volunteered to see what is involved in the process of getting a 501C3. CDF and Parks are up there now.

Steve suggested getting in with the Sheriffs Dept. to get Homeland Security Money. Jerry felt the Homeland Security money would filter down in two years if requested.

Nancy requested people who could work at the Rodeo, June 19th. Jack will be gone. Possibly David and Sally, Lamar, Cliff, Nancy and Jerry. Nancy volunteered to be the point person. We will check and see if Dan Healy will be stringing a PA system.

The 4th of July is still being planned. They are hoping to have a command center.


Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club

SHARC Meeting Minutes

May 25th 2004

Nancy Wilson called the monthly SHARC meeting to order: 7:30p.m.

Members present: Jack, Todd, Cathy, Lamar, Steve, Cliff, Bruce, Eddy, Jerry, Nancy, Sally, Dave.

Agenda was approved by Jack.

Nancy posted the previous meeting notes of 4/27 and 5/11 on the web.

Treasurer's Report: Test Eq. Fund remains the same, the regular account is: $1,195.30. Members: 45

Comment by Nancy: Kim will return to the club when she can.

Committee Reports:

Grasshopper Peak Repeater: Grasshopper Peak has 6-7 batteries. Jack and Gary placed them. May 11th there was a Special Board Meeting. Taking over Grasshopper
Peak Repeater was explored by the Board. We need more solar panels at Grasshopper. David Katz has offered the club two 55 watt solar panels for cost. Question: If Grasshopper is not linked to the 79 repeater do we need solar panels? Jack said Grasshopper Repeater is used mainly for Marathons in the Spring and Fall. There is little use. Probably o.k. with the one panel already there. David Katz has put two panels aside for us. Do we want them for: $145 apiece . Should we take them or not? Discussion followed. Nancy said there is money left over from Rotary. She feels we can probably use this to purchase the panels. This will be further discussed at the Friday May 28th meeting at CDF for Emergency Preparedness.

Old Business:
ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) Training: ARES Is the Handling of Emergency Communications. Jerry asked about this. Jack followed with an explanation. And, Jack will pick this up when he returns from his vacation.

Emergency Preparedness Team Meeting: Friday May 28th 1:00p.m. CDF in Garberville.

Rodeo Support: Father's Day Weekend. Contact Nancy Wilson if you would like to participate.

4th of July Fireworks at Benbow: Meeting this Thursday, May 27th at 4:00p.m. Humboldt Bank. Jerry will attend. Let Nancy Wilson know if you want to help. Volunteers to date: Jack, Cliff, and Cathy.

Antenna at CDF in Garberville. Jerry and Jack will work on this Friday May 28th - 9:00 a.m.

New Business:
Sat. June 5th ARES will remove coax at the Court House in Eureka at 9:00a.m. Please attend if you want to help.

Lamar will report our regular club check-ins and packet check-ins to ARES while Jack is on vacation.

We would like to change the preamble to the weekly check-ins. It is too long. Jack has a rough draft for a new preamble. Nancy will post it on the web. We can discuss it and member suggestions next month.

Comments: Cliff: We should applaud Jack and Jerry for all the work they are doing to support the repeaters, etc.  Jerry added: Nancy Wilson has increased the membership tremendously.

ARES: Members are encouraged to sign up for ARES. Active emergency communications. The local ARES is requesting that all HAMS tell them what equipment would be available. Group Nancy will post an ARES sign up form on the web. Look for this. Download it and send it to the club. Box 701 Redway. The info for ARES is confidential. Name, license, bands and modes and type of power you have. Info will only be used during a disaster to identify what people can do.

Open Forum: Proposal to change all of the repeaters: Garberville, Shelter Cove, and Grasshopper Peak to the club's call sign: W6HUM, Some wanted to leave Garberville in Leland Smith's call sign. As Smitty has done so much for the club. There is a desire to honor his contribution.

Discussion followed: Jerry made a motion to put Grasshopper and Shelter Cove in the Club Call Sign. And, leave Garberville with Smitty's call sign. Sally seconded the motion. The following is the vote: Yes 2, No 8. Our club call letters: W6HUM will be on all three repeaters. We will find another way to honor Leland Smith for his contribution to the club. Jack will reprogram the controller-changing the call sign- when he gets back from vacation.

Nancy Wilson adjourned the meeting at 8:24 p.m. She said all who attended the meeting will have their name in the hat for a door prize at the holiday party.

Meeting minutes submitted by: Cathy Lentz