Meeting June 22, 2004

President Nancy Wilson began the meeting at 7:31p.m

Members present: Sally KG6FOL, Jack KM6TE, Steve KG6PJI, Gladys and Smitty, Nancy and Jerry, Cathy KG6LEH, Dave KG6UCF, Bruce KG6SFN, Cliff KD6VDE, Pete KG6FOK, Ed KG6USG, LaMar AG6LJ.

The agenda was approved.

Minutes of last month's meeting are on the web. Go there to see them.

Treasurer's report: This is last month's report. We have $1,195.30 in our account. Members are 46. We have a new member: Margaret Andrews

Committee Reports:

Repeaters or Antennas:

Grasshopper repeater: 2 new solar panels in Nancy's barn. We need to install them. We will write Dave Katz a thank you letter for selling
them to us at cost. There are 2 panels: 55 watts each. Rotary is thrilled at how we spent the money. We will ask Dave Katz for angle iron
to install them. It is an 11 mile ride to Grasshopper Peak to install them. The community supports our work.

Event Communication:

Benbow Event: On July 4th the hams are wanted at Benbow for security. Thurs, June 24th there will be a meeting at 8:00am for a walk-
through of the event. Meet at the stage. Jerry says: We will have two-three teams (6 to 9 people total). One team will start at 12 noon and
finish at 5p.m. The second team will start at 5p.m. and finish at 10p.m. on July 4th. Yet, anytime you come is fine.

Emergency Planning Meeting: Friday, June 25th at CDF Garberville. Please attend. The emergency planning group is happy with
our Grasshopper Peak Panels.


Vandalism at Shelter Cove Repeater site. Nancy asked Jack about it. Jack will look into it. The repeater is at Toff Road. Nancy will
report on this at the next meeting.

New Business:

Smitty suggested we do a drill with call signs. Nancy will set this up for next moth. A roll call drill. We will try and give this roster
prior to the July meeting to anyone who wants it. The roster is on the web. It will be updated.

Old Business:

SHARC preamble for net control is on the web. It is the tentative preamble. Has anyone seen it? Nancy suggests we look at it and
experiment with it when we do our net control.

Open Forum:

Nancy: All who checked in for the meeting will receive a ticket for the holiday door prize.

Meeting adjourned: 8:04p.m. by President Nancy Wilson.

Minutes submitted by Cathy Lentz