September 2004 SHARC minutes. Graphic by Kim A. Cabrera.  

September 28, 2004

Members present: 14

Agenda approved. Previous minutes are on the website. Jerry moved the previous minutes be approved and Jack seconded.

Treasurer's report:

Old Business:


Emergency Planning Meetings: (EPT)

OES Emergency Drills:

New Business:

Open Forum:

Lamar wanted minutes e-mailed. Nancy will e-mail them to those interested.

Committee members for OES are Jack Foster and Jim Robertson.

Jack is keeping a list of those who are running the Monday night Net.

Check 147.33 if you are going to Eureka. Where does it come in and go out?

Jack asked: "Who wants a Disaster Work Badge?" He will help make arrangements to get them. If you go to Eureka call OES and see if you can go there yourself and get it.


President Nancy Wilson adjourned the meeting.

Minutes submitted by Club Secretary, Cathy Lentz

Formatted for web by Kim Cabrera