Turkey for November minutes. Art by KG6BFO.

SHARC Meeting Minutes

November 23, 2005

Call to Order: 7:32p.m. by President Nancy Wilson

Introduction of Members and Guests:

Approval of Previous Minutes:

Previous minutes were not available at the time. Now posted.

Treasurer's Report:

Jack's report: Around $483.28 in savings. Test Equipment around $948.00. Numbers of members are stable.

Committee Reports:

79 Repeater: no dial tone. Jack made a small repair. Now the 79 repeater looks good. Jack adjusted repeater 33 at Grasshopper Peak. The charger of the solar panel was too high. Jack checked the batteries.


Disaster Drill Dec. 10th at CDF in Garberville 1:00-3:30 p.m. Jim Robertson will conduct the Table Top Drill. Jim Robertson is retiring Dec. 15th. We will send a card. He will not be replaced until next Spring.

Emergency Planning Meeting: Jerry met last Friday @ CDF. New cabinets are being put in. Jerry talked about the CERC Training. It won't happen until after the holidays.

Jack: Looked at Jerry's Map. Toured the new Fire Truck. A new antenna @ CDF will be installed. He talked about the Hospital drill on Packet. It was not great on 146.70. It wasn't working. There is no antenna.

Nominating Committee:

Jack: Getting quite a few ballots. Keep them coming.

Old Business:

Christmas Party: Dec: 15th @ 6:30p.m. at Nancy and Jerry's' Bring a dish.

Open Forum:

Gary: Someone found an open transmitter, a packet terminal, at the Police Station in Fortuna. The packet at the hospital in Garberville didn't work.

Prizes for Christmas: We will spend around $300. One handheld and one mobile radio will be the prizes. Gary suggested gift certificates. Instead of radios two gift certificates will be given for $150 each. Motion made by Jerry. Seconded by Jack.

Cliff: Suggested engraving a little Shark as a memento for Jim Robertson instead of a card. Nancy suggested having a glass heart engraved. Jack suggested the outline of a shark. Nancy will look into it and report on the Monday night net.


Nancy adjourned the meeting wishing all Happy Thanksgiving.