SHARC minutes graphic by Kim A. Cabrera 2005.

Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club

Meeting of January 25, 2005

Call to order


Committee Reports

Members: 13

Repeaters: KM6TE has located a commercial GE repeater for use at the Grasshopper site. This would replace the equipment that belongs to Joe KA6ROM. The radio needs to be picked up from Rich Sweet WB6MYF who lives in Scotia, brought to Garberville, and tested for proper operation. W6CLG has offered to buy new crystals for the 147.33 repeater and KM6TE will tune the radio before it is taken to Grasshopper. There was discussion about getting a new controller and 440 radios to link to 146.79 repeaters. The controller and link radio discussion will be placed on old business agenda for next month’s meeting. KG6BIL suggested checking with Dan Larkin about Home Land Security funds for Ham repeaters. KM6TE responded that the Far West Repeater Association has tried to get funds for their system and it wasn’t available for that type of operation. K6JXM brought up the fact that the batteries at the Garberville fire department need to be replaced. KM6TE will check with Leon, the state radio tech., for used batteries to use at the fire dept.


KM6TE read the list of new officers and board members for 2005.

Board Members

The December meeting was a potluck held at Jerry and Nancy Wilson's house. KM6TE and  W6CLG both won grand prizes of $150 dollar gift certificate from A.E.S., and AE6LJ won the Monday night net $30 dollar gift certificate from Radio Shack in Garberville.

New Business

KF6IBP mentioned that in December there was a phone outage for all incoming and outgoing long distance calls and 911 in our area, we need to develop a phone tree and communication plan with the local fire chiefs.

KM6TE suggested it is time to begin a class for new hams and will start a signup list. He asked if any of our members know of any one interested in getting a ham license.

We also need to install a Ham station at Redwood Rural Health Center. We have all the equipment to install a 2 meter station.

Open Forum

AE6LJ suggested that we need more focus on SHARC business and that the emergency preparedness discussion to be held after the meeting is adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm