SHARC Minutes - February 2005. Graphic by Kim A. Cabrera.

Meeting of February 22, 2005


Call to order:
  • KM6TE
  • KG6UCF
  • KG6BIL
  • KF6KBX
  • KF6IBP
  • KB6LAD
  • KG6FOL
  • KG6RHL
  • KG6LEH
Treasurer Report:
  • Checking account: $83.35
  • Saving account: $680.95
  • Test Equipment Fund: $974.33
Committee Report:

Members: 21

Repeater: Jack and Gary picked up the GE repeater from Rich Sweet and the repeater is now located in Jack’s garage. Jack has tested the repeater and it is in working condition. Jack also has ordered the 147.33mhz crystals for the repeater and the crystals will be delivered in 3 weeks. This will replace the repeater now on Grasshopper. Jack and Gary have installed a 2 meter radio at the Redwood Rural Health Center in Redway. It was installed in a tall metal cabinet and there is room to add a packet station at a later date.

KG6BIL suggested we gather a ‘need list’ to send to Dan Larkin for our emergency communication stations in Southern Humboldt. Jack and Nancy will work on this list.

Jack and Gary picked up 4 used batteries from CDF for use at the Garberville Fire Dept for our Club’s Amateur Radio station.

There was discussion with KF6IBP about developing a phone tree and locating hams near the fire department for emergency situations.

KM6TE suggested we start a ham class; if any one knows of people interested in a tech class contact Jack or Jerry.
New Business

The Redwood Coast Amateur Radio convention will be held on June 3, 4, and 5 at the Ferndale Fairground.

Jack is doing some repair work on the 146.94 repeater which he hopes to get back in service soon.

The Avenue of the Giants Marathon will be held on May 1 and volunteer communicators will be needed.

There will be a disaster exercise coming soon and the scenario will a terrorist activity in our area. Date and more information on this will be announced later.
Open Forum

Jerry reported that Terry at the Garberville CDF has the exercise training Jim Robertson was going to use and would present it to us if we want to use it. There was an article in the Redwood Record on the front page about our Disaster Preparedness Committee that meets at the CDF station. The SHARC Jan. meeting minutes are on the web site thanks to Kim.

Nancy KG6BIL reported that our Club retirement gift was given to Jim Robertson. Meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm