Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes for March 22, 2005

Call to order:


Treasurer Report:

Checking account:
Saving account: $686.34
Test Equipment Fund: $974.97

Committee Report:

Members 23

KM6TE has the crystal installed and the transmitter and receiver aligned for the new Grasshopper repeater. This equipment will replace the existing repeater at Grasshopper which belongs to KA6ROM.

The FWRA has a link to the RVLA repeater system on a temporary basis. The link will be active for one month on a trial basis for testing to see if the FWRA membership wants to make this link permanent. The RVLA system covers most of Oregon and Northern Central CA. There are other call-up links into Idaho.

KM6TE went to Pratt to do some minor repairs on the 146.61 repeater. There has been an ongoing static noise in the transmitter going north to 146.76. Km6TE made some minor repairs and the 146.61 repeater is working properly at this time.

Old Business:

KM6TE and K6JXM will be installing an HF antenna at the CDF station on Friday after the Emergency Preparedness Meeting. The new dual band antenna needs to be installed at the Garberville Hospital.

New Business:

The Redwood Coast Amateur Radio Convention will be held on June 3, 4, and 5 at the Ferndale Fairground. KF6IBP, a member of the emergency planning team, is working on communication with other agencies.

There is a fire chiefs meeting coming up at the end of April and Jerry suggested asking if they would be interested in a map of where the local hams live.

The Avenue of the Giants Marathon will be held on May 1 and volunteer communicators will be needed.

There will be a disaster exercise on April 16 and the scenario will be a terrorist activity in our area. They will destroy Pratt Mt., Pierce Mt., and Horse Mt. The hams will be in communication with the OES in Eureka using the repeaters that are still working. They will be using 2 meters, 440, packet, and HF in this exercise. In Southern Humboldt we will take check-ins from Beginnings Garberville Fire Department, Garberville Hospital, KMUD and Redwood Rural Health Center to CDF command post.

There is a meeting of the Emergency Preparedness team on Friday March 25 at 1:00PM at the CDF station.

Open Forum:

KF6IBP and KG6BIL have volunteered to help out on the Avenue of the Giants Marathon.

The Grasshopper repeater may need a receiver preamp to get the coverage we need. The FWRA has applied for a grant to replace all of their repeaters and they should know soon if this will happen. KM6TE has given a list of equipment that we need for the command post to KE6JQW and he will pass the list to Clark Guzzi.

The SHARC February Meeting Minutes are on the web site thanks to Kim.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:56pm