Spring SHARC

Meeting of April 25, 2005

Call to order:
  • KM6TE
  • KG6UCF
  • KG6BIL
  • KF6KBX
  • KF6IBP
  • KG6FOL
  • K7GDW
  • KG6PIJ
  • K6JXM
  • KD6FES
  • W6CLG
  • KD6IBF
  • KG6UCG
  • AE6LJ
  • KG6LEH
  • KF6KBV
  • KF6KBU


Treasurer's Report:

  • Checking account: $48.42
  • Saving account: $726.39
  • Test Equipment Fund: $999.97

Committee Report:

Members: 30


KM6TE has replaced the receiver on the newer Grasshopper repeater and test show very good sensitivity. KM6TE is still waiting for the crystals for the link radio for Grasshopper. KM6TE and K6JXM installed a new dual band antenna at the Garberville Hospital. They checked both of the antennas with an antenna analyzer and SWR is acceptable. The packet station needs to check at the hospital for proper operation. The link radio at Shelter Cove is noisy and may need a preamp. KM6TE and K6JXM replaced the 2 meter antenna at CDF with a new dual band antenna and tested the ham radio.

Old Business:

KF6IBP is going to attend the Fire Chief meeting on Wednesday to let them know about using the hams as an alternate means of communications. KM6TE also asked KF6IBP to check on any one interested in getting their ham license.


New Business:

The Redwood Coast Amateur Radio Convention will be held on June 3, 4, and 5 at the Ferndale Fairground. There will be swap table, a banquet on Saturday night, and activity for women. The Avenue of the Giants Marathon will be held on May 1, and volunteer communicators will be needed. Contact Marci if you are available to help with communications. KF6IBP asked about the status of the link into Oregon. KM6TE responded that the link is normally up and will be disconnected during our net and other local activity by the FWRA board members. KM6TE reported that the antenna has been replaced on the 145.91 mednet repeater and would like reports as to how well it was working in Southern Humboldt. KG6UCG asked which would be the best repeater to use while hiking along the Lost Coast. KM6TE suggested trying the 147.33, 146.76 and the 146.91 repeaters and letting Jack know how well they worked. KF6KBU asked if a station was left keyed on whether the link to Oregon could be disconnected. KM6TE responded that the link was a half duplex and would time out first before disconnecting.

Open Forum:

KM6TE suggested the SHARC have a swap table at the Ferndale Convention for our club and is looking for help to set this up. W6CLG asked for other opinions about the link to Oregon. There was discussion about SHARC dues and that they are due on Jan.1 of every year. AE6LJ remarked that he thought the packet station at the hospital was working OK. KG6PIJ reported that he could not get into the 146.91 from his location at Richardson Grove. K6JXM would like e-mail address of club members. KG6PIJ has a weather station at Richardson Grove on the internet at www.redwoodfamilycamp.com for those who may be interested.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:06pm



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