May 2005 minutes

Southern Humboldt

Amateur Radio Club


Meeting of May 24, 2005

Call to order:

Treasurer's Report:

Committee Report:

Members: 30


KM6TE went to 146.79 repeater and found that the link radio to Shelter Cove was only putting out 5 watts and will probably need to be replaced.

Old Business:

KG6BIL was asked by the Garberville Chamber of Commerce if our SHARC club was available to help with communications at the Benbow 4th of July fireworks. It was agreed that the club would help out. KG6BIL, KF6IBP, KE6VDE and KM6TE signed up to work at the fireworks event.

KF6IBP is still working on his plan to match a ham who lives near a fire station with the fire chief from that fire station to help with communications in time of need.

New Business:

KF6KBX reported that the Garberville fire chief would like our club to move our ham station to another part of the fire station. Todd will check on this request and get back to the club with more information.

KF6IBP brought up that the batteries at the Garberville fire station are bad and need to be removed. AE6lJ may be able to dispose of the batteries where he works.

KM6TE will be on vacation during our normal meeting time next month. It was agreed that the meeting would be one week earlier and at 8pm.

The Redwood Coast Amateur Radio Convention will be held on June 3rd, 4th, and 5th 2005 at the Ferndale Fairground. There will be swap table, a banquet on Saturday night, and activity for women. .

Open Forum:

KM6TE suggested the SHARC have a swap table at the Ferndale Convention for our club and is looking for help to set this up. W6CLG and K7GDW will be able to help.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm