Meeting of Oct. 24th, 2006

Called to Order at 7:30pm on 146.79 MHz

Members Present:
    km6te     Jack
    kg6rhl     Eddy
    kf6ibp     Jerry
    kg6bil      Nancy
    w6clg       Leland
    kd6ibf      Gladys
    kf6kbx     Todd
    ae6lj        Lamar
    ke6vde    Cliff
    kg6rhm   Patty

Treasurer Report:
    Account Balances:
        Checking          = $128.24
        Savings             = $200.87
        Equipment       = $915.69
    Account Activity:
        $20.00 due to Lamar for sensor

Committee Report & Old Business:
        Grasshopper 147.33 MHz Field Trip #2 on October 14th:
        solar panel reinforced, charge controller temperature sensor installed, No UHF link radio hook-up to 146.79 MHz as of yet.

Club Officers Nomination Committee:
    Club 2007 Board Election Ballots need to be mailed soon.
    Nominations Include:
        President                 Jack Foster
        Vice President         . OPEN .
        Secretary                 Eddy Ryan
        Treasurer                 Gary Wellborn
        Board Members     Leland Smith
                                        Lamar Hudson
                                        Steve Rodgers
                                        Jerry Wilson
                                        . OPEN .

New Business:
    - Red Cross volunteers now need to go through a background check

    - Garberville hospital & OES statewide drill November 15th starting at 5 am.

    - Packet Radio Discussion:
        - problem with having a standard packet program interface
        - suggestions included loading multiple selections like WinPak
           and Kentronics on host with instructions available at site

    - December Club Meeting & Potluck
        - possible date Dec 13th
        - suggested locations at: Smith Wilson Wellborn
        - raffle, prizes, & 2007 Club Officers

    - Reminder of OES meeting this Friday the 27th at Garberville CDF

Meeting was adjourned at 8:02 pm