Meeting of Nov. 27th, 2006

Called to Order at 7:15pm on 146.79 MHz
Note:  This meeting was after the Monday Club Net due to Tuesday time conflicts.

Members Present:
    km6te     Jack
    kg6rhl     Eddy
    kf6ibp     Jerry
    kg6bil      Nancy
    w6clg       Leland
    kf6kbx     Todd
    ae6lj        Lamar
    ke6vde    Cliff
    kg6rhm   Patty
    kf6ibo      Ron
    k6ibo       Steve
    kg6fol      Sally

Treasurers Report:
    Account Balances:
        Checking          = $  41.24
        Savings             = $201.08
        Equipment       = $916.66
    Account Activity:
        $40.00 approximate due for utilities

Committee Report & Old Business:
New Business:
    - December Club Meeting - Potluck Social Event
        - Confirmed date - Wednesday Dec 13th - Starts at 6 pm, Dinner at 6:30 pm
        - Past suggested locations at: Wilsons Wellborns were ruled out
        - Patty Rose offered to host event and asked participants to call 923-2477 regarding potluck
        - Raffle Prize Decisions .... ASE gift certificates
                 - $50.00 for Monday net control drawing  .... and $100.00 for ticketed raffle at a dollar each
        - Patty asked for a co-host & Sally volunteered

       - Jerry suggested we collect the approximate $500.00 due the club from Doug Engels and The Humboldt Working Together Group.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:29 pm