Meeting of August 22nd, 2006

Called to Order at 7:30pm on 146.79 MHz

Members Present:
    km6te     Jack
    kg6rhl     Eddy
    ki6dgx     John in Ettersburg
    ke6vde     Cliff

Treasurers Report:
    Missing account balances
    Count on total club memberships is at or near 38

Committee Report & Old Business:
        Grasshopper 147.33 MHz We have batteries, solar panel, charge controller, & a Motorola UHF radio for the link to the 146.79 MHz machine.  All should be installed before the winter rains.  Field trip up to Grasshopper for the installation is tentatively set for Sept 2nd.  However Sept 16th or 23rd are OK too.  Cliff said he would like to attend.

New Business:

Open Forum:
    Jack announced the Sept 10th HAM picnic in Scotia. Potluck at noon & swap meet. Raffle tickets are $2.00 each. Contact Jack.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:36 pm