Meeting of Sept. 26th, 2006

Called to Order at 7:31pm on 146.79 MHz

Members Present:
    km6te     Jack
    kg6rhl     Eddy
    kf6ibp     Jerry
    kg6bil     Nancy
    w6clg      Leland
    k6jxm     Gary
    ke6vde   Cliff

Treasurers Report:
    Account Balances:
        Checking = $136.71
        Savings = $200.66
        Equipment = $914.75

    Account Activity:
        $125.00 Received from HARC for Ave of the Giants Marathon
        $ 750.00 Received from Garberville Rotary
        Grasshopper Repeater Upgrade = $ 870.87

    Total club membership constant with one renewal from wb9iac.

Committee Report & Old Business:
        Grasshopper 147.33 MHz Field Trip Sept 2nd installed: 9 batteries, solar panel, charge controller, & new cables. Present were Jack, Gary, Lamar, & Cliff. UHF link radio hook-up field trip tentatively set for Oct 14th. Leland would like one of the three leftover batteries.

New Business:
    - Garberville hospital drill sometime in November.
    - Jack purchased the back-up radio for the Shelter Cove machine.
    - Ave of the Giants Marathon Oct 15th . Communicators wanted.
    - SoHum Fire Chiefs meeting would like a local HAM to ride-along .... ki6dgx possible candidate
    - New HAMs classroom & testing hopefully this winter.

Open Forum:
    - 146.79 MHz repeater on Saw Mill Rd needs about 6 roof shingles and inspection tour.
    - Gary & Eddy volunteered for the 2007 Club Officers Nomination Committee

    - Rotary Club Thank You Visit with pictures of the Grasshopper improvements should be considered.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm