SHARC March 2007 Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting of March 27th, 2007

Called to Order at 7:30 pm on 146.79 MHz  by Pres. Jack km6te

Members Present:
    kg6rhl     Eddy
    kb6lad    Nancy P.
    k6pig      Steve
    w6clg      Leland
    kd6ibf     Gladys
    ke6vde   Cliff
    ki6dgx     John

Treasurers Report:
    Account Balances:
        Checking   =  $  unknown
        Savings      =  $  unknown
        Equipment =  $  unknown

    Approximate 20 paid club members for 2007 as of today.

Committee Report & Old Business:
    Repeaters:  Grasshopper  147.33 MHz -  see New Business
                         Shelter Cove  146.94 MHz - machine is down

    HAM Class:  General Class license starts in September
                            New Book coming out
    CDF Fire Station:  HF antenna is broke .... need to repair
                                     Now have new wire plus Bow & Arrow ready to go.

     Garberville Rotary Club got a presentation from Jack, Jerry & Nancy on HAM radio.

New Business:
     May 6th - Avenue of the Giants Marathon  -  Communicators Wanted

     June 2nd - ARRL Convention in Ferndale - Swap Meet, Presentations, Prizes, & More

     April 21st - Emergency preparedness training for SIMS - CDF ,  talk to Jack if interested

     New Grasshopper repeater link controller
          present controller belongs to Joe Cardosa  ka6rom
          Leland will research a 'Link Controller' machine for cost & options
          2 port - rack mount - with possible battery voltage telemetry
          Did Gary do a preliminary report recently ?

Open Forum:

Meeting was adjourned around 7:45 pm