SHARC May 2007 Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting of May 22nd, 2007

Called to Order at 7:30 pm on 146.79 MHz  by Pres. Jack km6te

Members Present:
    kg6rhl       Eddy
    k6pij         Steve
    kg6fol       Sally
    ke6vde     Cliff
    kf6kbx      Todd
    kb6lad      Nancy
    kg6leh      Cathy

Treasurers Report:
    Account Balances:
        Checking   =  $       51.29
        Savings      =  $    166.28
        Equipment =  $  1210.71

    Approximate 30 paid club members for 2007 as of today.

Committee Reports & Old Business:
    Repeaters:  146.94 MHz Shelter Cove machine is in good-working-order and could be reinstalled
                          440 MHz link noise problem could be coming from the 146.79 MHz  site.   We'll see.

                          147.33 MHz  on Grasshopper - we have the new controller - fieldtrip to install June 9th - 10th

    HAM Class:  General Class license starts in September or October
                           New Book coming out in July .... maybe a Tech class at same time
    CDF Fire Station:  New HF antenna now receives .... too long to transmit
                                     Station is OK when you use an antenna tuner

New Business:

     June 2nd - ARRL Convention in Ferndale - Swap Meet, Presentations, Prizes, & More

     June 9th -10th - Grasshopper repeater field service event - volunteer

     June 16th - Garberville Rodeo Parade - Club does EZ traffic control, 10am - 11:30am - volunteer

     Next Fall - Emergency Preparedness Group Drill, ....  seminar at convention on June 2nd

Open Forum:

Eddy asked about the club's link radio equipment.
The 147.33 MHZ & 146.94 MHZ repeaters will also transmit on UHF (440.95 MHz)
This signal is received on a vertical antenna at the 146.79 MHz repeater site and re-transmitted.

Meeting was adjourned around 7:45 pm