SHARC June 2007 Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting of June 20th, 2007

Called to Order at 8 pm on 146.79 MHz  by Pres. Jack km6te

Members Present:
    kg6rhl       Eddy
    k6clg         Leland
    kg6ibf       Gladys
    ke6vde     Cliff
    kf6ibo       Ron
    ki6dgx      John

Treasurers Report:
    No Report.

Committee Reports & Old Business:
    Repeaters:  146.94 MHz  & 146.79 MHz Repeaters are up and running as Stand-Alone
                          Link connection is out-of-order

                          147.33 MHz  on Grasshopper -  new controller needs a few parts - fieldtrip to install in Sept.

    HAM Class:  General Class license starts in September or October
                           New Book coming out in July .... maybe a Tech class at same time

New Business:

     July 4th - SHARC not needed at Benbow Fireworks

     Sept 9th - Far West Repeater Assoc Picnic in Scotia's PL Park  - 12:30pm Potluck

     Sept ?? - Club field trip to Grasshopper to install new link controller

     Next Oct - Emergency Preparedness Group Drill

     Next SHARC Club meeting in August

Open Forum:

      Link UHF radio on Upper Sawmill Road is at 5 watts now to comply with USAF interference request.

Meeting was adjourned around 8:18 pm