SHARC September 2007 Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting of September 25th, 2007

Called to Order at 7:31 pm on 146.79 MHz  by Prez. Jack km6te

Members Present:
    kg6rhl       Eddy
    k6clg         Leland
    kg6ibf       Gladys
    k6pij          Steve
    kf6kbx       Todd

Previous Meeting Minutes:     Read & Approved without corrections.

Treasurers Report:    (Note: Treasurer not present.)
   Account Balances:
        Checking   =  $        5.13
        Savings      =  $      51.29
       Equipment  Fund
                 Savings      =  $     715.59
                 CD Acct.    =  $     500.00

        Expenses for SHARC Year-to-Date follows:

            PG&E                                            $   64.27
            Verizon                                          $ 286.06
            Insurance (equipment)                 $   56.00
            Insurance (liability)(FWRA)         $ 263.00 (est.)
            Post Office Box                            $   26.00
            Total:                                              $ 695.33
            We had 29 members this year, including 10 NEW members who passed their tech test and are complimentary members for 2007.

            19 members at $25.00 gives us an income of $475.00. 

Committee Reports & Old Business:
    Repeaters:  146.79 MHz Repeater is up and running
                          Work done with the water pump controller on the land where the repeater sits.

                          147.33 MHz  on Grasshopper -  new controller -  Late Oct.  Fieldtrip to install.
                          Link controller parts have arrived
    HAM Class:  General Class license starts October ?
                           New Book is out .... Todd, Gladys, Eddy, & Jacks has a list of participants somewhere.
    Hospital Drill:  Emergency Preparedness meeting Friday the 28th at Cal Fire HQ, Garberville
                             Red Cross might be involved in this Oct 25th drill.

New Business:

   Auto-Patch: Verizon phone line is registered in Ken Reynolds name.
                           He has been asked to include a few SHARC members as subscribers also, so we could adjust the package if needed.
                           Discussion followed if we needed the Auto-Patch , etc .... will ask club members on next Monday's weekly net.

    Nomination Committee Chairperson for 2008 club officers needed.   Nobody volunteered.   

     Oct 21st -  Redwoods Marathon on the Ave of the Giants ... communicators wanted .... see John kg6mar

     Late Oct  -  Club field trip to Grasshopper to install new link controller

     Oct 25th  - Emergency Preparedness Group Drill

     Oct 19-21    Pacific Division Convention in San Ramon - info at

     Next SHARC Club meeting  October 23rd

Open Forum:


Meeting was adjourned around 7:50 pm