SHARC Jan 2008 Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting of Jan 22nd, 2008

Called to Order at 7:30 pm on 146.79 MHz  by Pres. Jack km6te

Members Present:
    kg6rhl     Eddy
    kf6ibp     Jerry
    kg6bil     Nancy W.
    kg6fol     Sally
    kf6kbx    Todd

Treasurers Report:
    Account Balances:
        Checking   =  $  908.47
        Savings      =  $  26.29
        Equipment Savings  =  $  317.57
        Equipment CD         =  $  507.97

    Account Activity:
        About 30 paid 2008 club members.

Committee Report & Old Business:
    Repeaters: Grasshopper  147.33 MHz - Link Radio Upgrade.  Possible two service trips to site.
                                                                 One to remove & relocate repeater to the shop, and 
                                                                 second trip to reinstall upgraded system.

                    Pratt Mt  146.61 MHz  (Far West Linked Machine) - Problem with antenna coax cable ?

    Disaster ID Badges are in Eureka.  Possible new badges with Dan Larkin in February.

New Business:
    Emergency Preparedness Meeting on Friday 1-25-08 at the Garberville CalFire station.
    11am - Red Cross presentation           1pm - Main Meeting

    Tech level license class & testing for group in Shelter Cove in planning stage.
    SHARC Auto-Patch issue:  Telephone system access through the repeater seems to be needed.
                                          Suggest we "back burner" decision if club wants to disconnect this link.

Open Forum:
    Lamar ae6lj is unofficially testing UHF simplex on 440.000 MHz with club members.

Meeting was adjourned around 7:50 pm