SHARC March 2008 Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting of March 25th, 2008
Called to Order at 7:30 pm on 146.79 MHz  by Pres. Jack km6te
Members Present:
     Eddy            kg6rhl
     Sally            kg6fol
     Steve           k6pij
     Ron             kf6ibo
     John           ki6dgx
     Todd           kf6kbx
February Meeting Minutes read & adopted.
Treasurer's Report:
Committee Report & Old Business:
     Repeaters:    Shelter Cove site UHF link radio to 146.79 MHz now installed.
                              Link problem is poor UHF sensitivity receiving at 146.79 MHz site.
                              Repair front-end matching of link radio put on the "To Do List".
                              CalFire station site has antenna tilted over.  Gary k6jxm could help.
   Old Business:  Shelter Cove Technician License Class had 12 new HAMS.
                                KI6PHE  -to- KI6PHM
                                Red Cross presentation "Living On the Fault Line"  April 26,  10am - 2 pm.
                               Garberville Community Presbyterian Church .
                              HAM class at the Miranda school transportation dept. .
                              Starts this Sat 9am - 4pm.  Second Sat. is class & testing.
                              April Disaster drill exercise during OES meeting....
                              ..... need volunteers for this training .... pencil in Jerry kf6ibp 
New Business:
    Garberville Rodeo Parade June 14th.  Volunteer communicators wanted.
    Traffic control help from 10:30 to noon.
    OES meeting this Friday 1pm at CalFire on Alderpoint Rd. station.
    Ave of the Giants Marathon May 4th.  Use the 147.33 MHZ repeater.
    More info can be found at  .... 
    Lamar does an informal UHF net every Monday 6:45 - 7pm on 446 MHz simplex.
 Open Forum:
     Mendocino Co. 2M HAMS have a directed net every Wednesday starting at 7:30 pm.
     The group is called McARCS and use the Cahto Peak linked repeater 145.43 MHz.
     Visitors are welcome to check in when asked to by net control.
     More info can be found at  .... 
Meeting adjourned around 7:45 pm