SHARC April 2008 Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting of April 22, 2008
Called to Order at 7:30 pm on 146.79 MHz  by Pres. Jack km6te
Members Present:
     Eddy            kg6rhl
     Sally            kg6fol
     Steve           k6pij
     Ron             kf6ibo
     Jerry           kf6ibp
     Nancy W     kg6bil
     Nancy P      kb6lad
     Gary           k6jxm
March 2008 Meeting Minutes read & adopted.
Treasurer's Report:
     The checking/savings accounts are looking fairly healthy this year so far because we have more memberships. 
     The membership reminder seems to be a positive factor. 
     Several new Hams who are recently licensed also sent in membership dues. 
    This year we have about 55 members including the free memberships from the newly licensed Hams. 
    The membership page on the SHARC website has been updated.
        Checking:         $1208.29
        Savings                $26.29 
        Eq Fund:             $318.76      ( Equipment )
        Eq Fund CD:        $512.93     Interest YTD is $4.96 CD started last year with $500.00 
Committee Report & Old Business:
       Shelter Cove site UHF link radio to 146.79 MHz is installed.
         Link problem seems to be with the UHF at 146.79 MHz site.
         UHF repeater radio from Saw Mill site now at Jack's shop.
         CalFire station site has antenna tilted over ? 
   Old Business:  
       Miranda  License Classes had 4 new HAMS and 1 license upgrade.
         Possible new testing for those that failed test & for recent Shelter Cove people who failed.
          Red Cross presentation "Living On the Fault Line"  April 26,  10am - 2 pm.
         Garberville Community Presbyterian Church.   Notify Nancy kg6bil if attending.
         Ave of the Giants Marathon May 4th.  Use the 147.33 MHZ repeater.
         Race starts at 8 am.   Be there (South part of course) by 7:30 am.
         Communicators Wanted.    Contact Don ke6hec   442-3386
         More info can be found at  .... 
           April  25th Disaster drill exercise during OES meeting.
          Starts 1 pm at CalFire Station on Alderpoint Rd.
          Drill is a multi Big-Rig accident on Hwy 101 with fire & windy weather.
          May 10th - Tour of the Unknown Coast bike event. Starts 7 am
          Communicators Wanted.  Contact Don ke6hec   442-3386
          June 14th - Garberville Rodeo Parade June 14th.  Volunteer communicators wanted.
          Traffic control help from 10:30 to noon.   Will use a simplex channel.
New Business:
   FWRA Insurance Issue:  SHARC pays $250. / year.   This year is OK
   Possible solution is for SHARC officers to join FWRA .   
   Dues = $ 20. / year due now.    Include call letters.
         P. O. Box 3381
         Eureka, CA   95502-3381
   Jerry asked about the SHARC Grasshopper repeater linking project.
   Link controller to be installed, is now being programmed & debugged.
  Note the ARRL Convention in Ferndale has moved from a June date to a September date.
 Open Forum:
  Gary asked about e-mail address:
  Leland's w6clg is unknown ..... Warren k7gdw has moved out of SoHum
Meeting adjourned around 8:05 pm