SHARC May 2008 Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting of May 27th, 2008
Called to Order at 7:30 pm on 146.79 MHz  by Pres. Jack km6te
Members Present:
     Eddy            kg6rhl
     Sally            kg6fol
     Steve           k6pij
     Todd            kf6kbx
     Nancy P      kb6lad
     Gary            k6jxm
April 2008 Meeting Minutes read & adopted.
Treasurer's Report:
    This year we have about 55 club members.
        Checking:           $ 1164.39
        Savings                 $   26.29 
        Eq Fund:               $ 319.15      ( Equipment )
        Eq Fund CD:        $ 515.17      CD started last year with $500.00 
Committee Report & Old Business:
         146.79 MHz  - Saw Mill Road Site.
         UHF link radio to Shelter Cove 146.94 MHz  is at Jack's shop.
         RF circuit component noise is being troubleshooted.
         147.33 MHz - Grasshopper Site
         This stand-alone repeater worked flawlessly during the Ave of the Giants Marathon on May 4th.
         Eddy kg6rhl estimated the machine was TX at full power for 1 hour during the 5 hour event .
         Packet Repeater - Pratt Mtn Site
         Not functional.  Radio is OK with 45W output & excellent sensitivity.
         Possible TNC or antenna problem.
Old Business:
         Recent Miranda  & Shelter Cove license classroom exams.
         Possible new testing June 21st for those that failed license test the first time.
         ARRL Convention in Ferndale has moved  to a September 27th date.
         Possible SHARC table at event.
          FWRA Picnic in Scotia September 14th.
           April  25th Disaster drill exercise during OES meeting.
          At CalFire Station on Alderpoint Rd.
         Club participated in drill with fire & windy weather.
          June 14th - Garberville Rodeo Parade June 14th.  Volunteer communicators wanted.
          Traffic control help from 10:30 to noon.   Will use a simplex channel.
           Dennis Sullivan is parade coordinator.
New Business:
   FWRA Insurance Issue:  SHARC pays $250. / year.   This year is OK
   Possible idea is for SHARC officers to join FWRA .   
   Dues = $ 20. / year due now.    Include call letters.
         P. O. Box 3381
         Eureka, CA   95502-3381
    This is liability insurance,  not an injury policy for FWRA with a "policy pool" of four local clubs.
    Conflicts might arise if SHARC drops-out of the group policy.
 Open Forum:
   Warren k7gdw has moved to Fortuna assisted living home.
Meeting adjourned around 7:55 pm