SHARC August 2008 Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting of August 26th, 2008
Called to Order at 7:30 pm on 146.79 MHz  by Pres. Jack km6te
Members Present:
     Eddy             kg6rhl
     Sally             kg6fol
     Ron              kf6ibo
     Steve            k6pij
July 08 Meeting Minutes Read & Adopted 
Treasurer's Report:   ....  Missing
Committee Report"
         146.79 MHz  - Saw Mill Road Site.
         UHF link to 146.94 MHz was repaired by Jack
         147.33 MHz - Grasshopper Site
         OK as stand-alone repeater.
         146.94 MHz - Shelter Cove Site
         Link to 146.79 MHz is now functional
         Packet Repeater - Pratt Mtn Site
         Not functional.  Radio is OK with 45W output & excellent sensitivity .... TNC failed.
         Lamar & Steve have used TNC module available.
Old Business:
         FWRA Potluck Picnic in Scotia September 14th.
         10 am start .... 1 pm lunch .... Swap tables & Raffle prizes
         ARRL Convention in Ferndale  9am - 5pm  September 27th
         Possible SHARC table at event if we have enough items
         10 am Amateur License Exams & More.  
          80 M antenna at Alderpoint Cal Fire station needs to be repaired.
         Cliff ke6vde has the bow .... possible automatic antenna tuner install
New Business:
          October 19th Humboldt Redwoods Marathon  .... communicators needed
 Open Forum:
          Grasshopper site UHF link equipment is being prepared at Jacks shop
          Possible install before access road closes.
          Possible SHARC License Testing session in a month.
Meeting adjourned around 7:45 pm