SHARC September 2008 Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting of September 23rd, 2008
Called to Order at 7:30 pm on 146.79 MHz  by Pres. Jack km6te
Members Present:
     Eddy             kg6rhl
     Sally             kg6fol
     Ron              kf6ibo
     Steve            k6pij
     Jerry             kf6ibp
     Nancy          kg6bil
     Leland          w6clg
     Gladys         kd6ibf
August 08 Meeting Minutes Read & Adopted 
Treasurer's Report:   ....  Missing
Committee Report
         146.79 MHz  - Saw Mill Road Site.
              Linked to 146.94 MHz
         146.94 MHz - Shelter Cove Site
             Linked to 146.79 MHz
         147.33 MHz - Grasshopper Site
            OK as stand-alone repeater.
         Packet Repeater - Pratt Mtn Site
             Not functional.  Radio is OK with 45W output & excellent sensitivity
             TNC with Don for Digi-repeater settings formatting 
Old Business:
         FWRA Potluck Picnic in Scotia September 14th.
         Jack, Leland, & Gladys attended
         ARRL Convention in Ferndale  9am - 5pm  September 27th
         10 am Amateur License Exams & More.  
          80 M antenna at Alderpoint Cal Fire station needs to be serviced.
          Repair on Saturday  9-27-08 likely .... possible automatic antenna tuner install
          October 19th Humboldt Redwoods Marathon  .... communicators needed
New Business:
          Nomination Committee for SHARC 2009 Officers
            Committee volunteers included: Steve, Sally, & Jerry
            Discussion if 7 board members are actually needed was tabled.
          Grasshopper Repeater Linking Project
            Possible hook-up if time permits.
            UHF link radios need to function with link controllers before install.
 Open Forum:
          Club Member Face-to-Face Gathering
             December Holiday party & meeting seemed like the best time.
             Steve suggested the Richardson Grove Campground Center.
             Jerry suggested the Wilson's if there were no conflicts.
          SHARC liability insurance bill submitted to club's treasurer.
Meeting adjourned around 7:55 pm