SHARC April 2009 Club Meeting News

Club News  -  April, 2009
Treasurer's Report:
        Checking:             $ 1315.17
        Savings                 $     26.29 
        Eq Fund:               $     56.77       ( Equipment  Cash )
        Eq Fund CD:        $   524.13       ( Equipment  Savings CD )
Repeater Report
         146.79 MHz  - Saw Mill Road Site.
              Linked to 146.94 MHz
         146.94 MHz - Shelter Cove Site
             Linked to 146.79 MHz
         147.33 MHz - Grasshopper Site
            OK as stand-alone repeater.
         Packet Repeater - Pratt Mtn Site
             Not functional.  Radio is OK with 45W output & excellent sensitivity
             New TNC purchased - W6HUM Node being tested - PacCom Tiny Two unit 
Old News:
    No Code Tech License Classes & Testing held March 21 & 28.
    Three new HAMS from the Miranda class.
    Gary k6jxm installed a 2M rig at the Miranda transportation office.
     Ed kg6rhl wrote a "Thank You" letter to Humboldt Netlink for their complimentary hosting of this website.
     They provide free-of-charge space on an internet server for a folder, ....  that is basically a group of various hot-linked files.
     Reminder: Every Monday 7 pm SHARC Net - 146.79 MHz & 146.94 MHz
New News:
     May 3rd - The Avenue of the Giants Marathon - Communicators Wanted
     SHARC & HARC volunteers needed for event.  Takes most of the day.
     Link to event > >
     Contacts:  Ed Ryan kg6rhl or John Olson kg6mar