SHARC March 2010 Club Meeting News

Club News  -  March, 2010
Treasurer's Report:
        Checking:             $ 1219.88
        Savings                 $  321.58 
        Eq Fund:               $    56.77       ( Equipment  Cash )
        Eq Fund CD:        $  530.37       ( Equipment  Savings CD )
       TOTAL:                 $ 2138.60
Note: Expected equipment expenses for Shelter Cove Link upgrade.
Repeater Report
         146.79 MHz  - Saw Mill Road Site.
               Rodent nest shorted out transmitter board.
              Transmitter crystals recently replaced twice by KM6TE
         146.94 MHz - Shelter Cove Site
            Not linked to 146.79 MHz due to UHF reception signal strength.
         147.33 MHz - Grasshopper Site
            OK as stand-alone repeater.
         Packet Repeater - Pratt Mtn Site
             Functional - New TNC  - W6HUM Node being tested - PacCom Tiny Two unit 
Old News:
      December 29th - SHARC Holiday Gathering was held at Patti Rose's 
     March 24th - SHARC Members involved in Northcoast Tsunami warning exercise.
                             HAM OC at Garberville CalFire on Alderpoint Rd activated.
                             Various Com Links established up & down the coastal area & to schools.
     Reminder: Every Monday 7 pm SHARC Net - 146.79 MHz 
New News:
     April 1st - SHARC Member John KI6DGX & others will host "SHARC Report" on KMUD at 5 pm
     April 10th & 17th - SHARC  "Tech Class" at Garberville Hospital - 9am.  New students welcome.