SHARC Jan 2012 Club News

Club News  -  January, 2012
Treasurer's Report:
        Checking:             $    302.61
        Savings                $  1582.47
        Total                      $  1885.08

        Eq Fund:               $    591.08       ( Equipment  Cash )
       Grand Total:         $ 2476.16
Notes: Expected equipment expenses for Shelter Cove Linked Repeater upgrade.
            2012 Member's Dues received = 28 
Repeater Report
         146.79 MHz  - Saw Mill Road Site.
               Functional with new repeater controller & transmitter units.
               UHF antenna installed for link update
               Rebuilt VHF & UHF radioes thanks to Jack KM6TE
               New receiver board installed Dec. 2011
         146.94 MHz - Shelter Cove Site
            Linked to 146.79 MHz with rebuilt boards - preamps.
         147.33 MHz - Grasshopper Site
            Solar Power Battery recently upgraded with used Liberty 1000 aHr Gel-Cell .... donated by CalFire
            Functions as Stand-Alone repeater 
            Linking upgrade to 146.79 MHz site being added in steps.
         Packet Repeater 145.05 MHz  - Pratt Mtn Site  - Status Unknown
             TNC  - W6HUM Node - PacCom Tiny Two unit 
Old News:  
      Repeater "Phone Patch" bill is now an economical  "LifeLine" account.
      Ken Reynoldson  KE6WA and Gary W. k6jxm  are on the Verizon bill  at the present time.
      SHARC Member John KI6DGX & others have hosted numerous "SHARC Reports" on KMUD 
      August 2011 - Shelter Cove - Lighthouse to Lighthouse radio contact event
New News:
      2012 Club Elections Held - Please see "Board Members" page for results. 
     Gary K6JXM has a number of new/used Duplexers for  70cm "GE Master II"  & Kenwood 820 repeaters..
     New UHF repeater now installed at Saw Mill Rd site.  About 9 club members have UHF capability.